Trim Healthy Mama Wannabe

Trim Healthy Mama Wannabe

I think I’ve lost the same 20 pounds about 10 times at least. Maybe 20. Of course, after each preg­nancy I had extra weight to lose.  It’s frus­trat­ing. I have tried dif­fer­ent weight loss meth­ods includ­ing an extreme calo­rie lim­it­ing one. It worked at the time. I lost weight very fast. But after about a year, it came back. Ugh. I think it wreaked havoc in my body. They always say it does. But, des­per­a­tion some­times wins the day.

Lately, I have heard so much talk about Trim Healthy Mama by Serene Alli­son and Pearl Bar­rett. Have you heard it too?  I am very intrigued.


I bor­rowed the book from a friend. And my own copy finally arrived this week. I’ve been work­ing my way through this giant 600+ page book try­ing to grasp what they are teach­ing. They took over five years to research and write this book. And it is packed with excel­lent infor­ma­tion and lots of recipes. I have quite a bit to go through before I under­stand exactly how this works, but I am eager to fig­ure it out and get started.

And I’m scared. I have this huge sugar addic­tion. I’m afraid to let it go. I KNOW that it is hor­ri­ble for me. I know that it isn’t doing me any favors. But, Oh, how I love sugar. In my tea, my cof­fee, and every­where else in my diet. Maybe that explains those 20 close com­pan­ions of mine that I can’t seem to shake. At least not permanently.

And then I see tes­ti­mo­nial pic­tures over on the THM Face­book page. Wow. So encour­ag­ing. I want to start today. Yet, I haven’t fin­ished the book. So, I wait until I can get to that again. I want to start strong, under­stand­ing what I’m doing and why.

I sup­pose this post serves as my pub­lic account­abil­ity stunt. I’d LOVE to hear from other THM eaters. Are you glad you are doing it? Have you seen ben­e­fits? Am I only read­ing the suc­cess sto­ries? Thoughts? Encour­age­ment? Pit­falls? Any­thing? Is this thing on? Please com­ment and let me know your sto­ries. Maybe that extra bit of encour­age­ment will be just what I need to jump off this cliff.

I love it that this is not a fad diet, but that this is a good, safe, healthy way to eat. It doesn’t leave out any of the food groups, so far as I can tell. Sugar isn’t a food group, right? I actu­ally WANT to kick the sugar habit. I do. Really. {Do I sound the least bit convincing?}

Thanks for let­ting me sign you up as my account­abil­ity. I will update once I start and let you know how it’s going. Not that you really care. But, you know, account­abil­ity part­ners need to know these things.


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  1. danshelpmeet says:

    We have been loosely fol­low­ing THM and the 5 of us have lost a total of 80 lb in the last 4 or so months. So we aren’t drop­ping weight quickly, but we feel bet­ter. I have gone down 2 skirt sizes and my hus­band is see­ing num­bers on the scale he hasn’t seen in over a decade.

    • That’s fab­u­lous, Sheri! Such excit­ing news. That suc­cess by “loosely” fol­low­ing it is encour­ag­ing indeed! Thank you for shar­ing!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I just ordered Trim Healthy Mama, too. Mine hasn’t arrived, but I’m read­ing reviews on the net and get­ting an idea of the plan. I’ve done food com­bin­ing before. It was the only way I lost weight, but the plan I tried was so strict. This one seems much eas­ier to adopt as a lifestyle for the long term, which is what we all need. Now you’re MY accountability!

    • Okay, Stephanie! Let me know when you start! I agree that it looks eas­ier to adopt for life more than any­thing else I’ve seen. And peo­ple rave about the recipes. Let’s hope they are right!

  3. I’m a Trim Healthy Mama and my hus­band is a Trim Healthy Man. It works and, after a while, it becomes sec­ond nature.

    As for your sugar addic­tion, believe me, I’ve always LOVED sweet treats — and I still do, thanks to Natvia (our local ver­sion of Truvia).

    Go for it! You’ve got noth­ing to lose — then again, per­haps you have! 😉

  4. I’m glad I’m doing it. I’ve lost over 15 lbs in 5 weeks.

    • That’s so great, Laura! Thank you so much for your feed­back. I haven’t heard any­one say that it didn’t work for them. Surely there is some­one out there. But, I’m encour­aged by how many suc­cess sto­ries I have heard from reg­u­lar moms like me.

  5. I have the book THM and I am amazed at how com­pletely *dif­fer­ent* I feel when I fol­low the plan. The only eat­ing plan I have ever done that moti­vates me because of how much bet­ter I feel! Just a gen­eral over­all health­ier feel­ing. I have lost about 5 lb. in the last 2 weeks as I have loosely fol­lowed the plan. To get you started with some­thing yummy and sweet, while cot­tage cheese and frozen blue­ber­ries (equal­ish amounts) along with a lit­tle bit of water, splash of vanilla fla­vor­ing and a few tsp. of Tru­via in a blender or food proces­sor. Oh my good­ness… so yummy and totally a sweet ice-creamy treat to savor for a snack! And if you use 2% or less cot­tage cheese I think it’s a Fuel Pull or an E.. I for­get. Cheesecake-y, berry, frozen deliciousness. = )

    • Thank you so much, Deb­o­rah! Con­grat­u­la­tions on your weight loss! Excit­ing days, right? That recipe sounds amaz­ing! I will def­i­nitely try it.


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