It’s pretty cool…

It’s pretty cool…

Today, I had Emma and Faith with me as we were dri­ving to a friend’s house. I was flip­ping through the radio sta­tions try­ing to find some­thing suit­able to lis­ten to, when I came upon a sta­tion that had a famil­iar Chris­t­ian song play­ing. As the song played, Faith noted, “Isn’t it cool that this is on the radio?” The song was full of God’s grace and the fact that His Son came to die for sin­ners. Yes, it’s pretty cool that we can turn on the radio and find the gospel sung to us, or preached to us on sev­eral sta­tions at any given time. What is equally “cool” is that Faith rec­og­nizes what a won­der­ful gift that is.

When we lived in Eng­land, they had no such sta­tions, at least broad­cast­ing where we lived. It was shock­ing to us to find that when we lived there. From our under­stand­ing, it isn’t eas­ily per­mit­ted because of  “items that may be offen­sive to peo­ple of other, non-Christian beliefs”. Makes me won­der about whether or not the radio author­ity is con­cerned about whether or not Chris­tians are offended by some of the other things that are broadcasted.

So, while we may despair at how our coun­try is slid­ing away from our Chris­t­ian her­itage, let’s be thank­ful for these things we often for­get to be thank­ful for. I love it that Faith reminds me of them daily.


Photo credit: Bran­don Christo­pher War­ren / / CC BY-NC


We’re not THAT old!

We’re not THAT old!

Tonight at din­ner, we were dis­cussing the fact that Mike’s birth­day is com­ing soon, and he will be 47. Faith was quick to inform him, “Daddy, you are almost the age of old peo­ple. 50.”

At least we have a cou­ple more years of youth left in us.

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Happy Birthday, Faith!

Happy Birthday, Faith!

Today Faith turns 7. She has been count­ing down for quite some time now. She counted through Emma’s birth­day, which is exactly 20 days before hers. So, she just added 20 to what­ever Emma’s count­down was. That’s math, right?

She is so eager to grow up. I want her to stay lit­tle. She’s the baby, you know.

faith dancing

She thought that with 7, she would be able to get rid of the car booster seat. We looked up the law the other day. You have to be 8. She wasn’t happy about that. She said she’s 18. I told her she was short for 18. I could see the wheels spin­ning as she tried for a come­back to that.

She’s seven. No longer six. Where does the time go? She’s grow­ing in grace and in wis­dom. Seven year old wis­dom. Which for Faith really is more like eigh­teen. Can I bot­tle her up? My heart aches because she’s the last one, so far as we can tell. And she still hugs and snug­gles and thinks that Daddy hung the moon. And she tries to kiss my neck. Which I don’t let her do. Usu­ally. And then I act like she didn’t do it. She greets me with a joy­ous smile every morn­ing. So happy to be awake and home with her fam­ily. Oh, how I trea­sure these days of small things.

Cause she’s short. Like a 7 year old ought to be.

Happy birth­day, baby. I love you most!

faith smiling


**To clarify…the “most” part doesn’t refer to my love for her over her sib­lings.  It’s just a lit­tle thing we say to each other. We try to out-love each other. And the lit­tle stinker always tries to get the last word.


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He walked right into it…

He walked right into it…

We just got home from the den­tist. The chil­dren ran from the van into the house, excited to see the dog. Or something.

As she was clam­mor­ing up the stairs, Faith cried out, “Last one in is a henway!”

And Reed played right into her hands with, “What’s a henway?”

About 10 pounds.

Yup, she got him. I have no idea where she heard that, but appar­ently, she has. It just was so funny com­ing from the lit­tle one.

Photo source:Ali­ce­Pop­korn / / CC BY-ND

I guess we can’t have it all…

I guess we can’t have it all…

Yes­ter­day, Faith was chat­ting with a young lady who we know and love. Faith men­tioned that her brother has some­thing in par­tic­u­lar that Meg doesn’t have.  Meg said that she is sure she has some things that Reed doesn’t have.

With­out skip­ping a beat, Faith said, “Yeah, like a clean room.”

She has a point.

PS The pic­ture above was taken about 5 years ago. I love it because it cap­tures their per­son­al­i­ties so beau­ti­fully. Faith is being her funny self, with­out inten­tion. Reed is so joy­ful. We always say he’s just happy to be here. He’s always exuded that joy. The pic­ture just makes me smile and fills me with such joy and delight.

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