I have to admit it: I’m a tea snob. Does that sound bad?

I seem to have a rep­u­ta­tion of lik­ing tea. But, in all hon­esty, I’m really picky. Some peo­ple call it “par­tic­u­lar.” Any­way. I like to host lit­tle teas, and big ones. But, I’m not a huge fan of most of it.

How­ever, I have a tea that I love. If you come visit me, I will offer you a cup. Those who accept are never dis­ap­pointed, as far as I know. I have it imported from Eng­land. Seri­ously, that Boston Tea Party thing was a huge mis­take. Why couldn’t they have dumped Mar­mite over or some­thing? We would have never known. Who in the US, who is actu­ally from the US, eats that stuff any­way? Those guys really sac­ri­ficed for us, and we are still pay­ing the price.

vanilla tea

Whit­tard Vanilla Tea


See that crum­pled up box? That is liq­uid vel­vet, as my dear sis­ter in law described it. It was brought across the pond, sent from my dear friend, via a young lady who was headed our way. I feel so loved. She sent a few boxes for me. When we travel to Eng­land, I snatch up the entire inven­tory in the local shop. I asked the sales lady last time if she had more in the back, and she told me no. She didn’t even go look. I think she’s still hold­ing a grudge about Boston. When my friends visit me from Eng­land, they bring a suit­case full for me. I rea­son that they need an empty one to head back from here to there with all sorts of Amer­i­can things, like guns… kid­ding. But, they do like to shop here as well.

Enjoy­ing a cup of tea with a new or old friend is such a sweet thing. I love the con­ver­sa­tions that ensue. The way the warmth just fills your body. I can feel my body warm up as I drink it. I’m a snow­ball most of the year, so the tea helps me cope.

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