Samuel and the Chiropractor

Samuel and the Chiropractor

I’m thank­ful for doc­tors. I really am. When we need them. In the mean­time, I’m thank­ful for our chi­ro­prac­tor who keeps us aligned and in great health so that we don’t seem to have much need of con­gest­ing the wait­ing rooms at the local clinic very often.

We have a won­der­ful rela­tion­ship with Dr. Can­dice. Faith loves her. She appar­ently notices how much her adjust­ments help her. She was com­ment­ing how Samuel, her stuffed llama, seemed a bit out of align­ment. She asked me if we could take him in to see Dr. Can­dice. I phoned the office, and they were happy to give Samuel a lit­tle adjust­ment, much to Faith’s delight. Dr. Can­dice let Faith help as her assis­tant. She’s not had any for­mal school­ing on chi­ro­prac­tic care (Faith that is), but she picked right up on the technique.

samuel chiro care

Faith help­ing Dr. Can­dice with Samuel

Samuel prob­a­bly could use a bit more than chi­ro­prac­tic care to keep his neck from droop­ing, but Faith seems sat­is­fied for now.

I wrote this post last night. This morn­ing, Faith came up to me and men­tioned that Dug, her stuffed dog, needs to see Dr. Can­dice because his leg is all floppy.  I guess she is always on the look­out for her lit­tle animals.

Photo credit: planetc1 / / CC BY-SA

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